Obie O’Brien designed our live room to sound big! It’s not a dead room. It makes drums rockin’, guitars screamin’ and vocals soarin’. The room was designed from the outside in, with curved walls to provide a nice even sound across the frequency spectrum. No parallel surfaces here. Don’t worry; if you need a dry/dead sound we have you covered. That’s what they make baffles and sound blankets for!

Our goal at Sine is to make people feel comfortable and relaxed like they are at home. For this reason we’ve stocked it with some great instruments that clients are welcome to use at no additional cost. We’ve got several drum kits, tons of snares and cymbals, a Hammond B3 and Leslie, a Farfisa, a Rhodes, a Vox Jaguar, and lots of vintage guitars and amps. Check out our Instrument page for a complete list.